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Until The Guru Comes is dedicated to Yoga Gurus and all the other Gurus in our lives, whether: Famous, Infamous, Family, Friends, Doctors, Teachers, Wellness Professionals and Anyone else along the way, who made and make us who we are today. Until The Guru Comes Is Predicated On One Fact: We Are All Gurus.

Imagination will take you wherever you want to go and it will allow you to be whoever you want to be!

Harvest Your Energy, Shed Lethargy and Weight, Gain Happiness and Joy.

Corporate, Group, Interactive and One-On-One, Lessons, Sessions and Mentoring in:


HEALTHY COOKING, Specializing in: Vegetarian, Vegan, Micro-nutrient, Gluten-free and Mindful eating.

Look your best through Style & Wardrobe Updating, and more!

Until the Guru Comes, ask Juliet: The go-to resource for Food, Fashion, and Fitness! Reasonable hourly rates for Corporate and Individual Packages customized for your needs. <>Email juliet@untilthegurucomes.com or call, so we can we can set-up an interview to assess your Corporate and/or your Personal needs.


A Life & Wellness Coach,

Until the Guru Comes


Ask Juliet

This is about wanting to change, but not knowing where to start!

• You have to think about:

• What is it you want to change?

• Do you want to learn how to prepare micro-nutrient packed food?

• Do you want to learn how to prepare vegetarian, vegan and gluten-fee recipes?

• Do you want to learn Yoga,

Pilates and/or Tai Chi?

• Do you want to learn how to pick a wardrobe for your individual style and body-shape?

• Do you want to learn how and where to find and shop for the best deals?

• Do you want to get into better physical shape?

• Do you want to lose weight?

This is what this site is about. Until the Guru comes... ask Juliet. I am Juliet and together we will successfully make these changes.

Please contact me at: juliet@untilthegurucomes.com

yinyangOn the Yin side: I have experience teaching Yoga for over forty years, Pilates for fifteen years and five years of teaching Tai Chi.

yinyangOn the Yang side: I have professional experience as a fashion designer, a product designer, a wardrobe stylist, a make-up artist, a model, a graphic and a web designer.

I have traveled and worked the world over, have the knowledge and experience to help you, but most importantly, I want you to reach your potential, learn new things and have fun doing it!

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Recipes for

Sesame Seed Paste & Tahini Recipes

from scratch!

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Sign -up, learn how to make

Sweet Potato pudding

sweet potato pudd





Yoga Classes in French Contact Lisa at:



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Guru Lisa Dickson-Battye: Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and ESL Teacher, Guru and Wise Woman


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