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Until The Guru Comes Is Predicated On One Fact: We Are All Gurus.

Imagination will take you wherever you want to go and it will allow you to be whoever you want to be!

juliet@untilthegurucomescom or call: 240-4915440

Until The Guru Comes, ask Juliet, The go-to resource for Food, Fashion, and Fitness!

• You feel as good as you look! One–on-one fashion coaching and up-dating your look. (You’re an adult, you know what you like and how you want to look, but you may need a little tweaking with color and trends that you are comfortable with and are right for you.) Plus wardrobe, fashion shopping and saving tips.

Style Tips: If you don't want to spend allot of money on infinity scarves; take your old long scarves and baste the ends together. (You can always unbaste the stitching and Voila, your old scarf is one long scarf again.)

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• Email juliet@untilthegurucomes.com or call: 240-491-5440 for an inquiry and we can we can set-up a phone or Skype interview to asses your personal wants and needs.

• We are committed to work out a plan that is best for you!

• After an evaluation of what you look like now,

• What you want to look like,

• And the best technique to achieve your goals,

• We will discuss your aims and your budget for up-dating your look.

You probably have allot of what you already need, after all, you have hair, you have clothes and you have make-up, so you are three-quarters of the way there!

• A commitment to ongoing coaching, requiring an up front payment of four (4) Seasons at a time. A discount of $50.00 for a twelve (12) session package.

• Timely attendance. All cancellations must provide 24 hours notice. (Emergencies understood, a make-up class will be arranged.)

• Private Seasons: $55 per 1hr session.

• Mix and Match, Multiple class sessions are available.


Four (4) Fashion Sessions $220.00

Twelve (12) Fashion Sessions $610.00 12) Fashion Sessions

Four (4) Mix and Match, Multiple Sessions $220.00

Twelve (12) Mix and Match, Multiple Sessions $610.00